How do I implement JS Monitor on my sites?

Simply paste the lightweight cost snippet under Setup / Get Code on all pages of your site before the /head. JS Monitor also supports being placed at the end of the page (before the /body), but it will capture more errors if placed in the head. The tag is optimized so that it won’t block the rest of the page from loading.

Will JS Monitor slow down my pages?

JS Monitor’s code snippet loads asynchronously so that it doesn’t block the rest of your page from loading and was designed to load  quickly.

What happens if JS Monitor is down?

JS Monitor was designed for high up-time. Our code snippet loads asynchronously so that if there is any downtime, it won’t impact your customer experience.

Do I place the same code snippet across environments (Dev, Production)

Yes. You can filter by subdomain within JS Monitor to only view production errors or development errors.

What browsers does JS Monitor support?

Error tracking works on all major browsers including IE, Chrome, Safari, Mobile Safari, Firefox, and Opera.

Payments & Billing

If I sign up, can I keep the trial account?

Yes. No changes to your account are required if you sign up after the trial period.

Are there any time commitments or cancelation fees?

No. Keep it as long as it adds value.

How can I pay? At what interval?

Enterprise plans enable payment by ACH, wire, and check and the ability to select monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual payments.

JavaScript Monitoring Features

Where do I configure pushing error information to Google Analytics?

It’s automatic! If Pulse Insights finds the Google Analytics snippet on the page and the option is selected, errors will automatically be logged to Google Analytics. This is helpful so you can measure the impact of errors on revenue and user behavior.

Is reporting real-time?

Yes, reporting is updated as errors occur.

Can I set alerts to trigger only if over a threshold?

Yes. You can customize the thresholds that trigger error alerts.

Can I send alert details to a developer or business partner?

Yes, we include functionality to send relevant details via email.

Are errors grouped together?

Yes, we group errors across multiple pages together to reduce noise in your reporting and inbox.

Can I track the status of an error in Pulse Insights?

Yes, you can track the progress. Every change is kept in an audit log. And you can search/filter by error status.

Can you help me prioritize the errors on our site?

Yes, we built a Priority Index metric so you can fix the most important errors first.


How do I get support?

JS Monitor provides support by online ticketing system and email for all accounts. Enterprise accounts also come with phone support.

What are your support hours?

Enterprise plans come with 24×7 critical issue support. Standard support is available during business hours (9am – 6pm) on US East Coast time.

How do you keep me informed of new features and enhancements

Enhancements are detailed in our Release Log. Larger feature releases are  communicated via email and in-app.

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